Business for Beginners.

Another Miscellaneous post, i think i might make a category for this, or maybe just leave it as it is. I like the randomness of the site, i think it gives it a bit of character, what do you guys think?

Anyway, today we’re here to talk about business basics, the need-to-knows for any upcoming entrepreneurs that may come past our page in search of answers. Lets dive right in.


You don’t need a lot of money to kick-start your idea – This depends on what your product or idea is. Usually when starting out, it should be relatively inexpensive, something you are passionate about and have knowledge on to make the creation process easier. For example, a mechanic wanting to create a new limousine building strategy would be okay because they know the fundamentals of what it is they have to do. A mechanic however wanting to create a woman’s fashion accessory may not be the best fit. Find out what you know and build on that, it will help you in the long run.

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Yo yo yo, Cole here. Today i’m going to talk about something a little personal to me, a little depressing to be completely honest.

Throughout my time as a young entrepreneur the largest mean that has been strained to no avail was time. Not money, not family, not anything else, time. Thats because time correlates to all of the means, time effects everything, and i’m here to tell you today that the single most effective way to ensure success in anything you do is to understand and manipulate time the best you can.

Be an expert on time. You see the biggest mistake i have made was thinking i needed to sacrifice all of my time with others and dedicate it to learning about my craft. While of course its important to use time to further knowledge and better whatever it is you’re doing, time needs to be held for those in your life because at the end of the day, when you get home, when you close your door, when you get into bed. Who do you have?… You have to understand that when you use all of your time to further your JOB, the people in your life will only see you as that. That firm you made a partnership with doesn’t see you as ‘Bill Smith, the 32 year old Male from Texas who has a child, etc etc’ or whoever you may be. They see you as a way to further their interests, they see you as a business helper.

That lack of personality is mortifying. Realizing this for the first time is the most crushing of feelings. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Because you see, before you hit success, whatever definition of it you have chosen, nothing else matters… But when you get there, you bet your behind you’re going to look at what you DONT have as a result. That first big paycheck, that first business deal, it feels good for a while, but eventually, once you get used to that, you miss the things you chose to put behind, you chose to not have as a priority, and more often than not money cant get those back.

I had this girlfriend, we were dating for 7 years, High school sweethearts i guess you’d call us. I was completely and utterly in love with this woman. I was the typical teenager during the early stages, we would just exist, nothing elaborate, no huge goals of world domination i just WAS. When i started becoming involved with entrepreneurs and started to get that spark, it consumed me. I would express how i felt and she would accept it, she would support it, t got to a point where i could have stopped, i could have continued how i was, happy, with some success in what i was doing but no, i got obsessed with the money sides of things, i didn’t want to just BE anymore, i wanted to BE MORE. It got so bad that i would neglect and ignore her, using the excuse “if she really loved me she would stick with me.” Oh if only i knew how stupid that was…. All i did was work, i dedicated all my time to working, disregarding her and all my other friends, to the point where if they left i probably wouldn’t have noticed for a while because i was so consumed. Well, eventually she did and although it stung, i knew that at the end of the day, in terms of achieving this goal for “success” i had set, it may have been for the better.

A few years later i hit that goal. I achieved my version of “success” and after a week of celebration and happiness… I looked back. I saw everything i missed, everything i left, everything that COULD HAVE. Then i looked forward, and do you know what i saw? Nothing. I had no idea what i could do and although i had all this money, i had nobody.

Your goals of success can be reached people, it doesn’t have to take 30 seconds, take your time, bring those important with you instead of trying to leave them behind. When you get to “success” you’ll have someone to share it with, someone to be proud of you and when you get there you’ll realize, that it would suck a whole lot if they werent by your side the whole time.

Thanks for listening in, i know that got a bit depressing and i apologize but its something i often think about. Im happy with the life i have made for myself, but damnit if i could go back and bring her with me… i would. In a heartbeat.

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One of the biggest things that hindered and still hinders me on my entrepreneurial expedition is motivation. I always seem to fall through the cracks and procrastinate. Whether that be university work, work work, or extracurricularwork, motivation is always slipping from my grasp. That is, until i found Secret Entourage Academy. This place offers support, motivation, knowledge and everything in between to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey to that steep steep summit of success.

This isn’t me trying to sell you something, theres no bias or any of that good stuff, just plain old me (ferrari owning, golden bathtub bathing, rose scented stool old me) telling you that this helped me immensely. Not only does this site offer modern day advice for real time entrepreneurs from the best of the bunch, but it also seems to light that fire within.

You remember that first time you thought of that idea, that “This could be big!” kind of feeling? I felt that after every visit to this site and sometimes, thats all we need to help us move onto other things.

When creating my first product, i would switch my mindset ALL THE TIME. One second it was the best thing the world had seen since sliced bread, the next, an unnecessary, irrelevant piece of garbage. Fact is, no matter what your product is, someone out there will have the use for it, and yes, i mean EVERYTHING. So don’t stop production of that water powered grill cheese oven or whatever it is….. Heck id buy one of those, save the planet and eat delicious grilled cheese at the same time!? Count me in!

But seriously, if you’re like me, (and almost everyone else) give Secret Entourage Academy a go, its a very small expense for something so great and necessary to success.Secret-Entourage-Secret-Academy-Entrepreneurship-2014-762x294

Any questions about the program? Hit me up here. Until next time,