One of the biggest things that hindered and still hinders me on my entrepreneurial expedition is motivation. I always seem to fall through the cracks and procrastinate. Whether that be university work, work work, or extracurricularwork, motivation is always slipping from my grasp. That is, until i found Secret Entourage Academy. This place offers support, motivation, knowledge and everything in between to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey to that steep steep summit of success.

This isn’t me trying to sell you something, theres no bias or any of that good stuff, just plain old me (ferrari owning, golden bathtub bathing, rose scented stool old me) telling you that this helped me immensely. Not only does this site offer modern day advice for real time entrepreneurs from the best of the bunch, but it also seems to light that fire within.

You remember that first time you thought of that idea, that “This could be big!” kind of feeling? I felt that after every visit to this site and sometimes, thats all we need to help us move onto other things.

When creating my first product, i would switch my mindset ALL THE TIME. One second it was the best thing the world had seen since sliced bread, the next, an unnecessary, irrelevant piece of garbage. Fact is, no matter what your product is, someone out there will have the use for it, and yes, i mean EVERYTHING. So don’t stop production of that water powered grill cheese oven or whatever it is….. Heck id buy one of those, save the planet and eat delicious grilled cheese at the same time!? Count me in!

But seriously, if you’re like me, (and almost everyone else) give Secret Entourage Academy a go, its a very small expense for something so great and necessary to success.Secret-Entourage-Secret-Academy-Entrepreneurship-2014-762x294

Any questions about the program? Hit me up here. Until next time,